How to treat alcoholism?

Alcoholism. If you haven't lost control over the use of alcohol, treatment may involve reducing your drinking. If you're dependent on alcohol, simply cutting back is ineffective. Giving up alcohol entirely must be part of your treatment goal. There are many ways to treat alcoholism, including aa, counseling, residential treatment programs, medications (antabuse, naltrexone, campral).
AA. Depending on frequency and amount of use, inpatient detox may be required. This can be followed with an alcohol rehab program and aa. There are several medications that may also help.
Alcoholism is addict. Some times with all u effort to stop u can't do it without help . Aa can be helpful and seeing an addiction specialist to write u medication can be helpful also .

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How can you treat moderate alcoholism (alcohol deaddiction)?

Increase motivation. To change. Keep log of use pattern, identify consequences, list reasons to change, rate motivation for each reason (0-10) & develop those 8+, build confidence by listing personal success overcoming challenges, describe benefits of change, set goals, develop a plan, measure progress, & work with supportive people & knowledgeable professionals. More at greeleypsychologist.Com/alcohol.Xhtml. Read more...
Alcoholism Treatment. Treatment of Alcoholism: Let Wise Person within you ask: • Effect on marriage, relationships, work, and finances • CONVICTION to overcome Alcoholism; and reasons for it Then, see a Psychiatrist for • Therapy to understand use of Alcohol and its effects, • to learn coping skills for stresses of life • Attend AA Meetings regularly • Be open minded to go to Intensive outpatient Program. Read more...