For a person on cholesterol medications, some doctors recommend CoQ10 to prevent muscle aches, while others recommend CoQ10 only after muscle aches begin. What should be the best practice?

CoQ-10. Many docs feel there is no need to supplement coq-10 (which is decreased by statins & other commonly used meds like beta blockers); others feel preventive supplementation is the way to go. One difficulty is timing the doses of statin & coq-10 so they have the least interaction. There is anecdotal evidence that coq-10 can prevent, or at least lessen the effects of statins on muscles.—>.
CoQ10. Usually given after a person developes muscle aches to see if it will help. Expensive drug for over the counter.
No solid data. Either way , regardless of when or what dose , there is no good or consistent data that indicates that it works.
Co Q 10. I generally prescribe it to my patients if they have muscle aches with statins and it generally helps half of them. I do not prescribeco q 10 if they do not have this problem in order to avoid one more medicine and added expense. Contrary to popular belief there is no good evidence that co q 10 is otherwise helpful in making the heart strong etc.