My 3 year old girl is very shy, she doesn't like people look at her, if so, she will close her eyes ot refuse to continue journey if we are outside?

Hmmm. Shyness has been found by kagan to have a strong genetic component, but learning is also important. Your daughter does need to learn to tolerate being among strangers. If it is difficult for you to tolerate your daughter's discomfort, a child behavior therapist can teach you "graduated" techniques that can relatively painlessly shape your daughter's emotional responses to strangers. Good luck!
Shyness in toddler. This kind of behavior, especially if it has gone on for more than several weeks, is outside of the normal range. Consulting with a pediatrician would be a good idea. Sometimes kids develop reactions like this in response to a specific event that scared them, in which case it should pass after a few weeks. But if there is no known trigger event and it is persistent, see an md.