Do drinking beer effects your liver, my son-law drinks at least 5 qaurts a day?

Absolutely. 5 quarts is way too much and may suggest alcoholism. Can cause cirrhosis and liver failure if not stopped. Liver failure can result in multi-organ failure and death. He should see a physician to see what damage has already been done if this has been happening for some time. 12 step programs help if difficulty stopping.
Alcohol & liver. Too much alcohol can cause liver damage. 5 quarts is way too much. The recommended amount for women is 1 glass & men daily is 2 glasses. Too much alcohol over time can affect the liver, increase the risk of liver cancer, cause abdominal bleeding, jaundice, heart and kidney disease he should seek some help and have his liver enzymes checked.
Yes. One of the most serious effects of excess alcohol consumption of any type is liver damage. With beer a person also cunsumes a large amount of calories. Different types of beer have variable concentrations of alcohol, but 5 quarts of beer daily (more than a gallon) is too much. Persisting in this practice is definately going to result in liver damage. He needs to cut down.