I have been bleeding from my rectum for about a week now coupled with lower back pain. Each day the amount of blood has increased. Any suggestions?

See your doctor. The two symptoms may be unrelated, but continual recatl bleeding is definitely abnormal and needs to be checked by a physician.
Proctitis vs U.C.. It seems that you may have a condition called proctitis or ulcerative colitis. These can cause pain and bleeding. External hemorrhoids can bleed and be painful, but not much back pain. It is unsual for colon cancer to cause excessive bright bleeding with pain like you have. Either way, you should consult doc for an eval...Good luck.

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I started bleeding really heavy and passed a large blood monday night. I had my normal cycle two weeks ago. I was going thru a tampon every 10 min. I am having cramping and lower back pain since then.

Needs evaluation. This needs evaluation; the question is how urgently. If the bleeding has stopped, then make an appointment with your gynecologist/PCP & go in as soon as one is available, within next few days. If still bleeding you need to go to Urgent Care or ER. It may just be hormonally related dysfunctional uterine bleeding, but mid cycle bleeding that is that heavy needs some checking & testing. Good wishes. Read more...