Is doubling up on birth control pills to prevent your period one month bad?

Not good.... Check with your doctor before changing your medication regimen. There are often adverse consequences when directions are not followed...
Not the best method. The way to prevent your period from coming is to keep taking your pills during the placebo week, or the week you are off the pills. Doubling up will not stop your period from coming if you still stop the pills at the end of the packet. The lowest dose of pill that is effective is the best dose to take. If you double up you are at risk to have more side effects from the pills.

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What causes women to spot while on birth control pills? Is it that the body is "trying" to have a period? Can anything be done to reduce or prevent it

Spotting on bcp's. "Spotting" is caused by a decrease in estrogen, and irregular times of taking the low dose pills now being used will result in spotting. To prevent this, a definite time in the evening of taking the pill will prevent this, but in some cases, the pill dose will need a small increase. If this occurs, changing the pill may prevent "spotting".
Friable Cervix. I agree with Dr. Berryman, but would add that spotting can also represent an infected Cervix, STDS, and cancer. If your GYN has not done testing or a pap smear in awhile that would be the next indicated thing with the discussion about if you are on the right BCPs.

If I start taking birth control pills now will it be able to prevent my period in two weeks? I'm going on a big vacation. I would stop right after.

Sorry but no. . . Starting birth control pills now won't prevent your menses in 2 weeks. However, if you're already taking birth control pills, then you can prevent your period by skipping your sugar/placebo pills and immediately starting your next month's pills as soon as you finish your current month's active pills. Some birth control pills are now marketed as quarterly or annual menses rather than monthly.

I am curious if birth control pills prevent you from ovulating, how come you still get periods?

E+P. Birth control pills stop ovulation by interfering with the signals from the brain to the ovary. That occurs because of the estrogen (e) and Progesterone (p) in them. In addition, the e stimulates the lining of your uterus, p stabilizes it; and when you stop the e and p, it causes you to shed your endometrial lining and have a bleed. It is not ovulation, just a w/d bleed by stopping the e+p.

My gf and I had an unprotected sex for 3 consecutive weeks, she told me to ejaculate inside her. This week supposed to be her perioid. Can she still prevent pregnancy by taking birth control pills?

Too late. Her advice is exactly how to get pregnant. At this point, she either didn't conceive, in which case you will know when her period comes, or she did conceive, in which case taking bcps won't prevent the pregnancy. Starting the pill at this point will only complicate issues. She will be able to tell she is pregnant by waiting until a week after her missed period, and then a urine preg test will be +.

Can doubling up on active birth control pills stop your period?

No. Doubling up on active pills will stop break thru bleeding on the pill, you should not do this without the supervision of your doc, if you want to stop your period, you do not take the placebo pills start a new pack of active pills an if it works right you will not get a period.