What is the safest treatment for hemmorhoids?

Conservative care. Warm soaks in a tub, increased dietary fiber or stool softeners and hemmorhoidal cream or suppositories are a conserative and generally safe initial treatment. Straining on the toilet and heavy lifting should be avoided. Of course, an accurate diagnosis is needed to insure a proper approach as there are other possible causes of rectal pain, itching and bleeding. Bottom line, see your doctor first.
Varies. Most hemorrhoids are minor annoyances that can be treated nonoperatively with stool softeners, sometimes local cream. Thrombosed external hemorrhoids are painful, but may be cured with a minor office procedure. Larger bleeding or prolapsed hemorrhoids may require banding or surgery for selected cases. See a colorectal surgeon or a general surgeon experienced in this area.
Hemmorhoids. Yes there are in office procedures like banding that can be done to manage the disease as well as non surgical behavioral and dietary modifications.