What does a positive ANA and vitamin d deficient mean?

Two separate things. Positive ANA screen needs further confirmation and specific antibody testing. It may indicate an autoimmune disease like lupus. Vitamin D deficiency is common in the US and results from inadequate sun exposure and inadequate diet. It can be easily treated by taking over the counter Vit D pills/capsules.
Abnormal tests. The significance of an ANA test depends on the level of the titer (if it is less than 1:320, it is not really significant) and on whether you are having any related symptoms (like arthritis, vasculitis, etc.). The level for diagnosing vitamin d deficiency has recently been lower. It used to be at a level of 30 ng/ml, but last year was lowered to 20 ng/ml. You may not be deficient by the new standa.
Depends. What symptoms have you been having? ANA can be falsely positive in may people but can also be a marker for autoimmune conditions (where your immune system attacks your own tissues). A low vitamin d level is typically from not getting enough sunlight and dietary vitamin d but sometimes it can be associated with other disorders. See your doctor to figure out what the implications are for you.

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I have anemia, vitamin d deficient, positive ANA test, high sed rate, body aches, complement component c3c is 220, c4c is 51, c-reactive is. 97explain?

More than one issue. You did not state your age or gender and it is difficult to tie all the findings together without a physical examination. Vitamin d is the easiest to deal with, about 1/3 of the population has low vit d levels, and you can correct that with an over the counter supplement. Rest of the finding suggest and autoimmune process, but you need to consult a physician for a thorough evaluation. Read more...

I have a positive ANA result, dual pattern, speckled 1:80, and homogeneous 1:80...And low vitamin d. My rheum factor is 9. Should I be worried?

Need more info. So for any diagnosis of autoimmune disease (such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis), lab tests are actually not very helpful. Symptoms drive our decision on whether you need to be treated. These lab tests in a vacuum are not concerning. The low vitamin d can be easily treated by your md. Read more...

My muscles ache, I have a positive ANA & very low vitamin d, what could it be?

Not enough info. Diagnosis of rheumatologic conditions needs a complete interrogation about symptoms, timing of the symptoms and a great characterization of which population you belong (age, sex, race, ethnic background, etc). You also need to review family history, social history ad a complete physical examination. To know what you have with this little, any guess is as valid as any. Read more...