Does the progestogen only pill increase your risk of blood clots?

Yes. All sex hormones can increase risk of clots, especially if your levels rise too high or you have a propensity to form clots, concurrent pro-thrombotic disease states or being in sedentary position for too long.

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Is there any progesterone only birth control that doesn't cause non stop spotting? Combination pill are not an option due to history of blood clots

Yes. Most long term options as Nexplanon or mirena/skyla iud or even dep shot (not my fav) will do the trick see your obgyn for options and rule out cervical or uterine polyps.

Took prometrium (micronized progesterone) for thick lining biopsy normal this cycle I had two blood clots the size of quarters is this normal after sitting 3 hours?

Normal. If your lining was thick then there was extra tissue inside the uterus. And the biopsy is to rule out cancer. But a polyp can also cause a thick lining. The Prometrium (micronized progesterone) is to thin the lining so often that leads to a heavier period with clots. But if all that continues you may need a saline ultrasound or a hysteroscopy to evaluate further. An office biopsy is not nearly as accurate.

After taking Clomid (clomiphene) and progesterone, is it normal to have a heavy menstrual cycle with large blood clots?

Possibly. If you have not had a period in a while, the period after progesterone may be pretty heavy. If you were having regular periods before, this may not be normal. You need to discus this with your GYN.
Clomid (clomiphene) and aub. Yes. Hopefully you are not taking both at the same time. I am assuming you are taking progesterone only on the second half of your cycle.

After a year of severe cramping and blood clots during period I had an ultrasound that showed 3.5 CM fibroids. Will progesterone help?

Yes and not. The hormonal treatment takes time to see results. You can try, but there is no 100% guarantee it will work for you.
Maybe. Fibroids can cause excessive or prolonged menstrual bleeding, but more important than the size is what part of the uterus they are growing in. If the fibroid is on the outside of the uterus, then Progesterone may control the bleeding that comes from the uterine lining. Fibroids in the muscle layer or protruding into the inner uterine cavity can cause bleeding that is resistant to progesterone.

How likely is it to get a blood clot at age 20? Weight 110, height 5"4. A bit active Progesterone only birth control for a month, then got off of it.

Why do you ask? A deep vein thrombus is extremely serious, and it's not a question of "how likely". If you have pain / swelling in a leg and/or you are suddenly short of breath, get seen now. Women your age do die of this, sometimes related to the oral contraceptive pill, sometimes not.

16 weeks pregnant with blood clot at anterior wall of uterus had bleeding thrice. Now on progesterone 200mg twice for 15 days. What are the risks&solution?

Subchorionic bleed. Sounds like you have a subchorionic or subamniotic hematoma. Most of these will resolve over time. If you are a smoker, have other chronic health issues, it could get larger and cause a placental abrution. Mostly it requires close follow up and I would avoid intercourse until it resolves.

Should I get a deep tissue massage if I'm on birth control pills? My dr said there's an increased risk of blood clots on bcp.

Massage therapist. At the end of the day the massage therapist is the one with the professional expertise to counsel on deep tissue massage while on birth control pills. With acute blood clots doctors and therapists ususally advise against deep tissue massage. Hormonal birth control pills, especially those containing estrogen, do increase blood's potential to clot, but only very rarely do women develop blood clots.