I took my daughter to hosptal since she had fever for 3 days. Scred abt dengue, dey condcted CBC test and found out that har PC is 172.D norm is 150-40?

? about plateletsPC. I interpret your question to be about a PC? Platelet count of 172 where you list a normal as 140-150. The platelets are tiny patch material made by the bone marrow that circulate in the blood & patch tiny breaks in capillaries & help contain the blood within its channels. The number u have is not worrisome. Often the PC can double under the stress of an illness but settles with recovery.
Fever. Dengue fever does have high fever, but also often a characteristic rash, body aches, and vomiting. In addition to a cbc, there are specific tests that can be done if there is risk for that virus. Many viruses have similar symptoms, and none really have specific treatment. They all require fluids to maintain hydration and other things to keep the person comfortable. Ask your doctor again about labs.