Does meningitis cause tingling in feet or hands?

Yes it can. Meningitis of various causes can cause tingling in hands and feet. Infectious agents that cause meningitis can also involve your peripheral nerves to cause these symptoms too. Herpes simplex, ebv or lyme disease can do that.

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I have neck stiffness and rashes on hands & feet. Could this be caused by meningitis vaccination I received 2 days ago?

Unlikely. There are few things that produce a rash on the palms and soles, including syphilis and tick borne illnesses like rocky mountain spotted fever. This sounds like you should go to a doctor and be evaluated. Good luck.

I want to know if I have meningitis I have had a severe headache and I have cold hands and feet I have taken Advil (ibuprofen) for the pain but it wont stop?

Typical symptoms of. Meningitis of any type usually includes neck stiffness and pain, fever, perhaps confusion or disorientation, and perhaps nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. If you actually have a migraine, advil (ibuprofen) would be unlikely to affect it. Since you seem quite concerned, suggest get to a local hospital er and get both an answer and treatment.
Meningitis. Meningitis can have headaches but not typically cold hands and feet, a stiff neck is another common complaint..

History L4/L5 disc bulges. 2 lumbar punctures for meningitis, aggravated it. After road biking, bad tingling in both feet. Did biking injure me more?

Probably not. Disc bulge usually cause one sided nerve impingement, mostly, but both side is possible if bulge is severe enough. Mostly the symptoms you experience with disc bulge is radiating pain going down your legs, numbness and tingling in your leg and not just in your feet. If you are having tingling at the bottom of the feet, there may be a component of neuropathy. Check with your doctor or econsult.

Can tingling in feet, thighs, face, shoulders, back, hands be caused by spine/muscle problems? Dr. ruled out everything else. I am a new mom.

No. No spinal disorder would affect all those symptoms. MS might, but most commonly it is anxiery.
New mom. This is unlikely to be a neurological problem. However you are a new mom and you live in Canada. Try some extra calcium and magnesium. Also take some extra vitamin D3.