My face is very rough & dry mostly at night & when I don't use mosturizer. But when I use mosturizer its oily but still rough... I'm begging for help!?

Ceramide replacement. If you are prone to dry skin, and have eczema, chances are that your skin does not make sufficient amount of ceramides to make efficient barrier. There are several non oil based products that you can try such as cerave, or cetaphil restoraderm. These will target the loss of barrier repair function and tend not to cause pimple like lesions called comedones.
Rough dry face. Perhaps you are stripping the natural oils by washing with a harsh soap or your face is exposed to the elements often. Try a moisturizing face soap like dove/caress; wash gently with fingertips rather than scrubbing with loofa or rough washcloth. Pat face dry. Use a moisturizer that's non-oily. Cosmetician or dermatologist can recommend several. Protect face from harsh weather.