No appetite, headache, nonstop cough and its not the flu., diarrhea, vomiting 4 days straight?

Another virus. May be to blame besides the influenza virus. There are numerous viruses, but only some of them are commonly tested for. One of these is the flu. Just because you tested negative for this does not mean you don't have another flu-like illness. Stay in touch with your doctor and get plenty of rest, fluids, and appropriate symptomatic medicines.
You're sounding sick. You sound pretty sick with both respiratory and GI symptoms. While there is a good chance you have a variant of influenza b, your symptoms can be a systemic non-infectious process as well. Is there fever? Have you had a chest x-ray? Have stool tests included a check for blood, or are you coughing blood? Have antibiotics been tried, & if so what has been your response? What co-morbidities present?

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My mom is a non smoker she has a cough, fevers headaches vomiting only once, body aches and chills does she have the flu? She went to the ER and they told her she has bronchitis they gave her doxycyl hyc100mg and hydroco/apap7.5-325mg but she still feels

I'm. I'm sorry that your mom is so sick. She may have influenza, it is certainly going around right now. If she had the flu shot this year then it is unlikely to be influenza. It sounds like the er thought she may have bronchitis, and that is a good medication for that. If she vomits, has fever, shortness of breath, can't eat or drink, or any rash then she needs to return to the er immediately.
Could be flu. If your mom wasn't specifically tested for the flu it may well be that she has it. Given the prevalence out there this time of year.

Diarrhea for 2 days w/cramping from diff shades of yellow, clay, & all shades of green. Vomitting once. No appetite. Is it the flu?

Not Influenza. Sounds like viral gastroenteritis or food poisoning. Either should get better in 48 hours or less. If your symptoms persist see your doctor to be sure it's not anything more serious.