Any tips for severe tooth pain?

See your dentist. Today, many people want to try all kinds of home remedies for various ailments and pains which in most cases only effects the symptoms, not the real problem. A toothache is not one of those to try and treat yourself. Depending on the cause of the pain, only a dentist can diagnose and advise you of the best way to eliminate the pain and the cause of the pain. Don't wait until the pain gets severe.
Get help now. Toothache is your bodies way of telling you that you have an untreated infection. You can mask symptoms with analgesics, or reduce severity w antibiotics, but neither will "cure" the infection. You may need filling, root canal treatment and crown, or extraction and replacement. You can cll dentist now for emergency visit or you can wait until the pain gets overbearing and the infection spreads.
See a Dentist. If you are in pain, it will only get worse. See a dentist asap to have your teeth checked and options presented to get you feeling better. Untreated tooth infections can go very badly...
OTC and DDS! Take some otc pain medication such as advil, motrin, aleve (naproxen) or what you would normally take for a headache and see your dentist asap to find the cause and treat it.