I'm trying to conceive but have been told my uterine lining is thin. Is there anything I can do to thicken it up?

Thin Endometrium. This is one of the most difficult problems wee see. Often it is not something that can be corrected. Viagara suppositories, trental, vitamin e, acupuncture and herbal medicine have all been tried with very unpredictable results. If all attempts to address this fail, you may resort to working with a gestational carrier.
Infertility. Hormonal management is likely to help. For this to be done well you need to see a fertility specialist.
Thin Lining. A thin endometrium is a difficult problem- agree with dr perlow. Sometimes only surrogate works. Occasionally, a natural cycle works when hormone cycles fail, just a thought. Be patient and try several approaches because it seems no rhyme or reason. Surrogates are a great option but complicated to arrange and expensive. Laws are complex too. Best wishes.
In some cases. This is a difficult problem because estrogen can improve your lining but you cannot take it until 4 days after ovulation. You would have to try ovulation predictor kits to make sure you know when you ovulate and then work with your md to add estrogen. If you are doing ivf and have tried everything else as far as types of Estradiol then a surrogate may be needed.