What is a normal temperature in a baby? Also, is there such thing as too low temperature and what should I do if that is the case?

Depends. Depends on which thermometer you use- temperatures taken under the arm or in the ear tend to be lower than rectal temperatured, a normal rectal temperature is 98.6 plus or minus 1 degree. ( 97.6-99.6) subtract another degree if taking it under the arm. If your baby's temp is low, be sure he or she is dressed warmly enough.
Seeknhelp. Vaseline or aquaphor make an excellent lip balm, but you should seek help as to why you are biting your lip.
Fungus source. You don't give us much information to go on, as for example, location. One possibility is getting it from an infected pet such as a dog or cat.
See your doctor. No, go back to your doctor and tell him what's happening.
Possible roseola. He may be incubating roseola which is a harmless viral illness , where a child runs a fever for three days, the fever breaks, and the child breaks out in a rash.
Temperature range. A baby's temperature can range from 96 to 101.4 and still be normal. Also the baby's temperature may vacillate over course of day, being lower in morning and rise as the day goes on.The determining factor is if the baby is playful and happy.