What does a long-tail in a d-dimer test mean? Has high-cholesterol and family history of high b.P./strokes. Had chest pain and shortness of breath

Complicated question. D-dimer is a fibrin degradation product a small protein fragment present in the blood after a blood clot is degraded by fibrinolysis. It is so named because it contains two cross linked d fragments of the fibrinogen protein .It is use to checked blood clots.The other part when you have all these factors, you have tendency for stroke.
D dimer. D dimer tests have good negative predictive valu, meaning that if negative, a clot can be ruled out. D- dimer has a long and a short chain. Long chained d- dimer are supposedly associated with stroke.

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I'm suffering from shortness of breath, chest pain, pain n burning in leg, groin, lung. D-dimer negative, CTPA clear. What else can I do?

Symptom complex. You present a spectrum of symptoms suspicious for pulmonary embolus. The group of studies you list are all negative for that diagnosis. Next steps depend upon the physician's assessment of the situation and whether further steps aimed at PE are still appropriate or if seeking other diagnosis should be done. Discuss with your doctor and get his assessment. Read more...