I have a 6x5.4x4.3 solid simple mass w/nodularity in my ovary. Scheduled for surgery will I lose that ovary? I don't want to. Do I have other options?

It's Complex... It depends on a combination of your age, risk factors, family history, & cyst characteristics. Tumor markers only help if cancer is found to measure response to treatment. Surgical findings are also helpful and biopsies during surgery may help decide if only the cyst is removed, leaving your ovary behind. You must address this with your surgeon. Good luck.
Possibly. It may be possible to remove the mass from the ovary. It depends a lot on the nature of the mass and the likelihood that it is malignant. A benign ovarian mass can often be removed without taking the ovary - but, with a benign mass, if there is significant bleeding during the removal, it may be necessary to take the ovary to control the bleeding. If your other ovary is ok, you will not miss it.