How can the pain of fibro originate? Does it start from a certain point and then widespread.? What are the body parts that are affected most? Help me

No specific cause. The cause of fibromyalgia is not known. As the name implies--it is the fibrous (tendon/ligament) areas connecting to muscle (myo) and algia to mean pain..Thus pain near the joint regions. In severe cases, pain is virtually every where. The current thinking is that the altered/heightened sensitivity to pain (abnormally high pain perception) is the underlying problem of fibromyalgia....
Can begin locally. Fibromyalgia (fm) is a syndrome meaning a collection of symptoms. There is no specific cause or test to diagnoses it. By definition it is pain experienced in many areas of your body. Although currently most docs think fm comes from a too sensitive nervous system, recent studies have shown arthritic joints or trigger points can diffusely increase muscle tenderness & if treated fm pain decreases.
It's variable. In many patients, pain originates in one location and then spreads. The most typical location for pain to start is in the neck and upper back, and these are also the body parts that are affected most. The cause of fibromyalgia is known, fibromyalgia is caused by abnormalities in the levels of brain chemicals that control pain signaling. Treatments can restore the normal balance.
Injury or illness. ? Re Fibromyalgia, FM, cause: While performing diagnosis, physicians much regard mechanisms of injury. Fibromyalgia seems a multifactorial disorder: multiple childbirths, femaleness, delicate pelvises, mechanical back/pelvis injuries, prolonged sedentariness, obesity & Hypermobility Syndrome are variously etiologic. .