I have plantar fasciitis and spur at ball of my foot. New orthotics have an arch and I walk flat footed. Foot feels bruised. Try to adapt? Damaging?

Give it time. If you have just started wearing the orthotics, your foot may just need more time. Just like anything new, start slowly. Meaning, wear the orthotics in short durations and build from there. If the foot does not come around quickly, see a doctor to check the fit of the orthotic.
Adapt. Anytime you have a new orthotic the foot will need time to get used to the new positioning of the foot. You should "break in" the new orthotics by wearing them gradually and increasing your time each successive day in them. Of course, they should be checked for proper fit as well. If pain persists inform your doc, they may need to be adjusted.
Couple of things. You have a number of issues. I would continue in the orthotics for a month as long as pain is not increasing. Talk to your doctor, the orthotics may need to be adjusted.
Orthotics. All orthotics need a breakin period. I usually have my patients start with 1 - 2 hours the first day and add 2 hours as each day goes by. If they still feel too high or bruising your foot after 2-3 weeks or so see your podiatrist for an adjustment.
Damaging. It sounds like the arch is too high for your foot.If the arch is too high and your foot is flat you can get jamming as the foot tries to pronate.