How do I increase my metabolism?

Healthy Lifestyle. Not skipping meals will help boost your metabolism. Eating smaller healthy meals/snacks 4-6 times a day keeps your metabolism going, skipping meals can slow it down. Exercise also helps. Muscle requires energy, even when you are not doing anything. So the more muscle you have the more your metabolism needs to work to make energy for your muscles. Good luck!
Speed metabolism. Weight training builds lean muscle which is metabolically active around the clock, day and night. While some studies suggest that cardiovascular exercise may stimulate the metabolism for as much as 48 hours after the exercise, it may be much less time. Both are best in combination. As well, eating a small healthy meal of lean protein and complex carbs every 2-3 hours speeds the metabolism.
Increase muscle mass. The healthiest way is to increase muscle mass by healthy diet and weight-bearing as well as aerobic exercises. More active muscles will burn off more calories, even some when they are resting i.e. During your sleep. Fat does not burn calories! it actually stores enegery/calories!
Why do you ask? Most of the "pop" talk about "increasing your metabolism" is mumbo-jumbo. You've probably noticed that it doesn't make sense. The bottom line on avoiding having excess body fat is calories in, calories out. If you exercise, you'll tend to eat substantially less and generate a little more body heat. Push yourself hard and your benefits will only begin with getting trimmer. Best wishes.

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How to lose weight. The best way to keep weight (w) off is by behavior modification (b). People who lose w without b have a 95% chance of gaining back their lost w in 1 year. Find out what causes you to overeat and see if you can engage in activities to avoid doing so. If you can do this you can not only lose w, you will be successful in keeping it off long term. You can't increase your metabolic rate, sorry. Read more...