My Achilles heel is very sore after resting it for two weeks, how can I fix it and get back to traing?

Achilles tendonitis. Inflamed achilles tendons take a long time and careful work to heal. The best things you can do to promote healing are: 1) stretching exercises (plant feet 2-3' from wall and lean forward to the wall to stretch heel cords; 2) get an extensor ankle spling (lightweight boot) [eg., see http://www.Nightsplints.Com/night_splints.Php]. These keep your tendons stretched out at night and really help.
You. Need to be evaluated. You may need an MRI to see if there is a tear in the tendon.
Heel pain. See a podiatrist and possibly get orthotics. Barring that try taking an old kitchen sponge and put it in your shoe thereby reducing the pressure you are putting on your heels.
See a doctor. If you have tried home treatment it's time to see a podiatrist for treatment.