Can y'all help me figure out a way to lose weight? I'm on Zoloft 75mg and wellbutrin (bupropion) 100 mg sr. I gained 45 pounds since I started. I need help!

Unwanted weight. Exercise.Exercise, exercise.Not only will it help you control your weight, but natural endorphins will "kick in" and help you feel better.
Help is here. If you believe there is no other cause to your weight gain, then get off the zoloft. Wellbutrin (bupropion) seems to be weight neutral. Zoloft is not. Things like iud (if you are female) is another big contributor. Anything that is hormonal (steroid) may be causing weigh gain. Uncontrolled depression can also cause weight gain, so you may not be adequately controlled. High calorie foods is another reason.
Diet and exercise. It is common to gain weight while on these meds. Unfortunately, haven't heard of any special way to lose the weight without discontinuing them and losing their positive effects as well. Address these concerns with your psychiatrist, as they may be able to adjust things.