Upper left stomach pain I have GERD ulcer and hernia. Taking nexium (esomeprazole)?

NEXIUM (esomeprazole) =GOOD. I assume you had a 'scope' (an egd) to diagnose the 'ulcer'. An esophageal ulcer (gerd ulcer) and hiatal hernia can be painful conditions. Nexium (esomeprazole) is a powerful acid blocker (ppi) and an excellent choice to treat 'too much stomach acid.' lifestyle changes will also help: cut caffeine, alcohol and smoking. You need to be seen quickly if signs of bleeding: black stools/ vomiting 'coffee grounds'.
GERD. If you have damage to your esophagus from gerd, the encounters taken for 6-8 weeks should allow healing, but will not cure the reflux. Gerd can be anatomically treated with endoscopic procedures and surgical procedures - both acceptable, but require testing to make sure you would be a candidate and the procedure could meet your goals. If the hiatal hernia is large, may need surgey.

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I get stomach pain when I walk a lot. Dr. does not think ulcer b/c on Nexium (esomeprazole) 40 mg 2x day. Endosc ordered, but I want avoid. What could it be?

Welll...... without an exam, Cannot say in your particular case don't even know your age! BUT angina as a GI complaint is classic. Simple stress test in male is diagnostic. (UNLIKELY under age 40!) ascites, aortic aneurysm... that's just the A's.... And... the one you HAVE, HIATAL HERNIA, a mechanical flaw in the diaphram holding the stomach out of the chest. Bouncing it around hurts.

Was taking nexium for 5 weeks for silent gerd. Since stopping, I've had very bad stomach pain immediately after eating citric foods like cooked tomatoes. Feels like s burning type feeling right away then stops. Never had this before nexium. Cause?

Acidity. It is likely that you experienced acid rebound after discontinuing the nexium which had shut off your stomachs acid production. You could temporarily try taking zantac or pepcid which shuts off acid more quickly than nexium and then taper off the medication. Avoid caffeine, spicy and greasy foods as well.

She has been throwing up, stomach pain and diarrhea for 2 months. Drs won't listen. She has GERD. Been on Nexium (esomeprazole) for at least 8 yrs. Any suggestions?

Hiatal hernia? It's possible a hiatal hernia could be responsible. This would only be the case if it is very large. These are also called paraesophageal hernia is. Their best diagnosed with an upper G.I. contrast study. This is a type of x-ray or you drink barium liquid and they watch it go down the esophagus into the stomach. Hope this helps!

What causes gastritis? Recently stopped nexium for silent gerd and now I think I have gastritis. Stomach pains after eating acidic things mostly, gas, belching. Feels fine after a few hours. Didn't have this pain before I started nexium 2 months ago.

Gastritis? How was silent GERD diagnosed? Any testing? Generally speaking, if you have been treated with Nexium (either prescribed or self-determined) for one month without resolution of symptoms, then testing would be advised. Perhaps an abdominal ultrasound and EGD.

Have been diagnosed with IBS and Gastritis and ulcers and Hpylori. The hyplori is gone and ive tried nexium and a strict diet. Nothing seems to be helping. What else can I do? I have severe constipation, random fevers, random rashes, abdominal pain, nasea

See answer. Not sure about the fever/rash but you may want to get your thyroid checked out. Also get checked for celiac disease. See your doctor and ask about using miralax (polyethylene glycol) for your constipation. Once it is in control, your pain and nausea should get better. Antispasmodic medications like hyoscyamine can help with the abdominal pain associated with IBS. Hope this helps.

I have hiatal hernia/gerd (good diet +nexium 40mg).Was cleared by 2 cardiologists (ecg, echo...), but every night I get tight chest/breathing diff. Why?

Hernia? It could be the hernia if it is a large one and slides into the chest specially when laying down or eating a large meal. Hard to tell without seeing the studies done. Mention this to your doctor.
From the acid. The acid in your stomach is leaking up into your esophagus when you lay flat. This causes pain in your chest. It's not from your heart.

According to your patients, what is the time frequency of Nexium (esomeprazole) fully healing their ulcers, or stomach problems?

Depends.. on the severity of gastric irritation and relative contribution of stomach acidity to the problem. If the pain has not improved in 2 weeks time, then it is likely you are doing something to worsen the irritation (eg taking Nsaid or eating spicy food) or there is another problem that needs to be addressed (eg H pylori infection). Usually you'll need a scope if Nexium (esomeprazole) not working.

Anxiety causing stomach issues hurt to eat and heartburn stomach pain am I headed towards GERD or ulcer? What should I take for this

You may be. Stress and anxiety can certainly cause other physical ailments such as increasing acid production, leading to possible GERD or ulcers. The acid issue can be treated by avoiding trigger foods that also affect you, and medications. Controlling anxiety however is the main issue causing your problems, so treating that is paramount. See the Dr. For a good exam, evaluation, and treatment.