How can you reduce the veins on my hands?

Unsightly Hand Veins. I would discourage you from having your hand veins removed. Varicose veins do not form in the hands. These are prominent, but normal veins that serve a healthy function & should not be removed (they are more visible as your age). They are important for draining the blood from the hand & are useful for venipuncture blood draws in routine blood testing & are also a very useful site for IV access.
Seniority. Is inevitable, showing it is optional! i take care of hand veins surgically with 1-3 mm skin openings, both hands in one single session, no down time. Visit www.Handveinscenter.Com in hundreds of cases no ill effects have been seen and contrary to leg veins, none of these veins ever reoccurred. Of course veins will be left in your forearm just in case u may need an IV access later in life.
Eradicate hand veins. Prominent hand veins on the top of the hand are a common problem . I prefer sclerotherapy for the smaller veins and , if the vein is large enough to accept a laser fiber, then i perform laser ablation of the vein just as we would do for the saphenous vein in the leg. This procedure has minimum discomfort, minimum bruising, no downtime and excellent cosmetic results.