What could this be I thought it was a bladder infection but theres no pain or blood or odor just freaqent urination and pressure.?

YES =U.T.I. A bladder infection (lower urinary tract infection, u.T.I) may present with just frequency and pressure. You may or may not have other symptoms: urgency (the urge to go , dysuria (pain with urinating). Visible blood may or may not be seen (but small blood can be seen on urine-analysis). So keep hydrated and get seen now: if any back pain, fever (sign of kidney infection). Hope you well soon!
Still likely. Still may be a bladder infection - recommend getting a urinalysis to check for microscopic urine, leukocytes and nitrites - these can be non-visible but signs of infection. In some cases, the screen is negative and a culture of the urine is required to id an infection - recommend being seen.