Clear MRI but still have knee pain. Help?

See below. Sometimes knee pain may be pain radiating from your hip. Have the hip above your knee checked out.

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Tibia knee fracture healed MRI clear still knee pain anf pain when bending knee. When standing leg not straight?

Nerve injury. Knee injuries may be associated with nerve damage at times which is quite painful- many people guard their knees (avoid use due to fear of pain) and may develop contraction deformities and adhesions which may explain your lack of range of motion. You may need to revisit with your surgeon or seek expert opinion with pain specialist.
Need therapy. Pain and stiffness of joints around a fracture are common. To recover from a fracture it takes more than just having the bones heal. If your knee doesn't go all the way straight that alone can cause problems and pain due to an altered gait. Speak to the doctor that treated your fracture. I think that you would benefit from a physical therapy evaluation.

Knee creptuis with no pain, constant knee pain alters at left part for a year even the MRI is clear, no rhumatoid, 8 drs, PT nohelp, 21 years old?

Arthritis. Even though you are young, you may still have arthritis of and joint especially if that joint had been previously injured. Continue with your therapy and see orthopedic if no improvement.

Constant knee pain in right knee (1.5years) and I went to rheumatologist, PT, orthopedics and MRI Is clear, what could I do next (I'm 21)?

Need a new group. If you have knee symptoms but a negative knee examination then you have to look for causes of pain felt in the knee but not from the knee. You need to have an evaluation of your hip, a neurological evaluation, a muscular evaluation of the muscles about the knee and hip and a look for other causes of knee pain that is not from the knee.

F, 50, could knee pain go away on its own with time after running injury? Had arthro surg. 1 yr. Ago, no luck. Still hurts to walk mri's, xrays good

Yes. If mr, x-rays good, less chance of major structural damage. Thus, prognosis better. I know you have done plenty of meds and physical therapy (pt) but I would consider this: find a physical therapist who is a runner or an ex-athlete or does pt for athlete. You don't need the regular pt, "gee, ms. Smith, try to lift your leg, " you need sport pt. Find out who rehabs your local hockey or football team.
Variable. What type of pain? What did they do in surgery? Have you tried nsaids, injections? Have you been to pt...
New evaluation. If you still have significant knee pain one year after surgery, you should consider getting a complete re-evaluation, possibly with another MRI, to be sure that nothing else is wrong with the knee. Talk with your Doctor.

So tired of knee pain. Mcl & meniscus repaired in august but pain still intense. 1-2mm tear showed in most recent mri. Would surgery help?

Knee pain. If you're having knee pain in the mr I showed an abnormality I would suggest an orthopedic consultation to discuss your options.
Meniscus tear. Such tears can only be repaired with arthroscopic surgery. They may or maynot scar over time. Improving the strength of the muscles supporting the knee i.e. The thigh muscles would help deal with the pain much better.

I am 17 years old and I have had knee pain in my left knee for about a month now. I had swelling for a while as I fell skiing but mri is clear.

Knee pain-see MD. You should see your primary care doctor for evaluation of your knee. A diagnosis can't be made without a thorough history and exam. It is important to know where the pain is localized, and an exam will reveal the most likely diagnosis. Often an X-ray will be ordered, sometimes an MRI. For now, until your appointment, minimize any weight bearing on that knee, no strenuous activities, and rest.

Hello. I have knee pain when I put too much weight on my right leg. Mri is clear and physical examination was clear. The knee clicks and pops alot.

Plica syndrome. You may have medial plica syndrome. It's a band of tissue that can get inflammed and mimic a meniscal tear. See an orthopedic knee surgeon for evaluation.

Knee pain since march. Mri says root tear of posterior horn with extrusion. Despite rice, I still have clicking and locking. Is surgery inevitable?

Maybe. Many conditions like you have experienced may heal over time with physiotherapy. Only your orthopedic surgeon can give you the best answer to your question as to need for surgery in the future.