Can you walk on a broken pinky toe?

Yes. Yes, but it may depend how serious a fracture and swelling there is. People have been known to walk on ankle fractures, so just because you can walk on it, does not exclude fracture diagnosis. Hope that helps.
Sure. You can walk on it but tape it to the next toe to provide some stability. If pain persists you might have a spiral fracture and need to see foot specialist.

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Broken pinky toe and can't walk on it. At all. And IV read that most people walk with their broken toes, just with a limp. Is this bad, or normal?

See doc, get X-ray. What you know is that your injured your pinky toe, but until you get an xray, you don't know if your broke the toe or any other part of the foot. This can include the long bone behind the pinky toe. You need to get your foot examined, see a foot and ankle specialist. The sooner you get it checked the quicker you can be treated and get back to full mobility.

What to do after a pinky toe fracture two+ years ago? My moms foot gets swollen and can hardly walk on it. She in pain. Pain relievers not working.

Get. Get some x-rays and see what is going on.
Get an x-ray. Have a new x-ray taken to evaluate the bone. Often times after a fracture one may develop arthritis or a bony overgrowth. See a specialist and get their professional advice.
Toe fracture. The first thing to do is see your podiatrist. He/she will take x rays and guide you as to what you need to do.
NEW X-RAYS/MRI. If she were my patient, I would get new x-rays. If they were negative, I would get an MRI of the toe bones. Also, on the x-rays, I would look at the whole foot, checking for other fractures. Good luck. Dr. Latva.

I had a displaced fifth toe fracture 3 days ago reduced with buddy taping. I cant hang my foot down, results in severe pain. How should I walk?

Elevated. Seriously, you are going to have pain for awhile as long as your foot is dependent. Keep it elevated as much as possible. Consider icing after an orthopedic evaluation to see if it is really properly reduced.
TOE FRACTURE. The healing from a foot/toe FRACTURE can be very painful. Follow up with orthopedic doctor and request an air cast. Also stronger pain meditation ie ultracet (tramdol and acetaminophen) or Percocet. If pain persists you may need MRI of the foot to define the anatomy and see if surgery is warranted.
Not my buddy. Since you mention displaced fracture and buddy taping, it sounds like it has already been examined, x-rayed and splinted by a pro. If not, do it. When a bone breaks blood to the bone increases, increasing the pressure. When you hang it down, the pressure increases more. That increases pain. Elevate it. The taping may be slowing the blood out of toe increasing pain. Adjust it. Use fx shoe, crutch.

I had fifth toe fracture last week. Yesterday I noted a large bruise in the centre of foot extremely painful and is not letting me hang my foot/walk?

Did u bang your. Whole foot? Are you walking differently due to the toe fracture that could of caused shoe rubbing or something of the sort? How was the fifth toe treated? Was the toe wrapped? Or the forefoot?
Get it RICED. It sees that this bruising is either an undiagnosed problem directly related to you toe injury last week or a new injury. If it is a new injury, it has probably developed because your foot is compensating from the broken toe. Either way, maybe you should treat it as a new injury and get it RICED. Rest it, Ice it, apply mild Compression to it, Elevate it and get to a Doctor and end all doubt.
BRUISE/SPRAIN. You hit your toe against something hard enough to break it. My guess is, you hit the rest of the foot hard also, but didn't notice it because the toe hurt so much. Now it's badly bruised. Sincerely, Dr. Latva.

How would you know if you havev a broken pinky toe?

Pain, swelling. And bruising after some type of "whacking" to the toe. If it hurts to press on it and to bend it also, it probably is broken. As long as it is only in the toe and not in the foot, you can support it by wearing stiff soled shoes and taping it to the next toe.

I have a broken pinky toe or just sprained, what to do?

Have it xrayed. And then you will know.
You need an x-ray. To find out if it is fractured or not, you will need to have it professionally evaluated. You will need x-rays taken to determine if it is broken or if it is just a bruise or sprain.

How long does it take a broken pinky toe to heal?

This depends. On how much of the nail was broken, if there is an infection or any swelling etc. Usually with antibiotic and bandaid, assuming the broken part was taken off and no infection present one week or less.

Have a broken pinky toe...How long do they take to heal? I also just stubbed it, will that make the break any worse? Hurts all the way up my leg : (

Bone can take. 6-8 weeks to heal doesn't mean it will hurt you that long. You may have reinjured it with knocking it again...Or possibly not. Ice it and elevate it. Surgical shoe is recommended while walking.