What are the best exercises to reduce stomach fat?

Cardio+Healthy Diet. The best way to reduce stomach fat is through a consistent healthy, balanced diet and cardio exercise routine. Expending more calories than you take in will help you to lose fat and cardio exercise has been shown very valuable in this regard.
There's no such . Thing as natural spot fat loss. You need to lose weight in general ; a certain % will be abdominal fat. Eat healthfully ; be physically active. Calories burned must > calories consumed. To tighten ab's do crunches, reverse crunches, exercise ball crunches, pelvic thrusts, lying leg raises, side bridge ; “bicycling” exercise on your back. Engage in regular aerobic exercise.
Diet. Fat loss is achieved by both exercise and more importantly correct diet. There is no one exercised that can spot reduce fat from anywhere on the body.