So im having real bad pelvic pain got s pap smear and they found a large hard mass just had an ultrasound waiting for results what can it be?

Many things. Certainly a hard mass would worry you about a tumor. It could be a benign tumor, like a fibroid, or something more serious cancer. You should call your doctor for the results of your pap smear as well as the ultrasound, and you might need a biopsy.
Could be: Depends on where the mass is, if it's on your uterus the most common cause is a fibroid (benign tumor made of muscle cells), on the ovary could be various types of cysts, but the most important thing to rule out are cancers of the reproductive organs and bladder. Your sonogram will be helpful.
See detailed answer. Depends where the large hard mass is? If it is on the cervix, then probably a biopsy must have been done. Hopefully it is just a fibroid. Ultrasound will tell more if the mass was on the ovary or uterus.