I have pcos snd know all about the issues with obesity and conceiving but I don't dont see y I see a ton of obese women having babies and I cant?

Different problem. The obesity associated with pcos results from imbalances in hormones that affect fertility (mostly over production of androgens, or male hormones in women). This isn't your fault, but obesity in other women may be due to other causes that don't involve hormone problems. See your gyn or endocrinologist to plan a productive fertility strategy.
Depends on type! Obesity is broadly categorized as "pear" and "apple." people with an apple shape are high waisted with long arms and legs and short torso. If they put on weight, it is on the middle, and they are vprone to Insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome-associated with polycystic ovarian syndrome (pcos). Pears put weight on arms, legs, and are waisted. They can be quite obese, but do not get pcos.
Hormone imbalance. Infertility w/ pcos has more to do with the ovary not being able to release a mature egg during ovulation. This is because of a hormone imbalance & makes it difficult to get pregnant. Weight gain is a side effect of the hormone imbalance in pcos and obesity itself is not the cause of the infertility.