How can pneumonia be prevented?

Vaccination, hygiene. Hand washing and getting the pneumonia vaccine (and getting your children vaccinated) reduce your chances of getting pneumonia. The pneumonia vaccine covers only some strains of one species of bacterium (streptococcus), but it covers the worst actors.
Use neosporin to nos. As soon as you get cold start applying neosporin with a drop of oregano oil (pungent) and apply to nostril both for a week will prevent viral, bacterial and fungal inf or pneumonia.
Diet. Hygiene is so important. Other ideas include a "clean" diet rich in fresh foods and avoiding junk and processed foods. A healthy immune system can prevent many problems. Cod liver oil and probiotics can be helpful. Elderberry twice a week as a prevention also can be helpful. Elderberry helps prevent the flu..Made from sambucous it is good for mucous.

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How can I prevent pneumonia? What causes pneumonia? Is there a way to prevent it? .

Varied causes. There are pneumonia vaccines to help decrease your chance of pneumonia. Staying away from people who are sick with the cough can also help decrease your chance of pneumonia. Pneumonia can be caused by viruses, bacteria and fungus. Read more...

What is pneumonia? What are those medicine can heal pneumonia? How can I prevent or how to prevent pneumonia?

Lung infection. Pneumonia is an infection of lung, usually caused by bacteria or virus but also by fungus, too. Chemicals can cause similar pneumonitis or inflammatory response. Cancers & foreign objects can also block lungs too. Best way to prevent pneumonia is to avoid being coughed/sneezed upon, wash hands frequently, don't smoke, maintain your immune system via diet & exercise. Most important, stop smoking! Read more...

What is bacterial pneumonia? How can I prevent myself from getting it?

Bacterial pneumonia. is a lung infection due to a bacteria, vs. a virus, fungus, or other etiology. Whether or not it is contagious depends on the type of bacteria. If contagious, it is spread primarily by breathing in infected droplets from coughing/sneezing. Read more...