How long does it taken to get pregnant after using birth control?

Normal. Women can get pregnant immediately after stopping bcp. Thus you probably can get pregnant within a few months. You would need to consult with a fertility expert if you haven't conceived within 2 years.
Depends. If the pill is used, you could get pregnant in the next month, but often it takes several cycles. If you had an iud removed, it could also be right after, but usually also several cycles. For injectable contraception, it depends on the product. For barrier contraception, it can be the next cycle. Ask you doctor for information specific to your form of contraception.
Post-pill-pregnancy. It varies on what type of contraceptive you were using, and on you individually, as to when you restart ovulating. A pretty good article can be found at - http://tinyurl.Com/7v6t8ml hope this helps.