Low back pain/need to lose 30lbs. Any activity irritates and im out for 3 days. Back down to feet abnormally tight muscles. I stretch. No help.?

Water exercise? This is a tough problem. "any activity" is pretty broad. Have you tried water exercise. Obviously requires access to a pool, but many folks with back and leg problems can exercise in water: swimming, water walking (chest deep water: will not go fast but will burn calories), water aerobics. On land, a stationary bicycle might work. Experiment with a physical therapist or trainer.
Physical therapy. Pt, antiinflammatories and/or muscle relaxers can help pain. Aquatic therapy or classes can help with weight loss and should be less painful.

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I am almost 2 years post op 2 level lumbar fusion. Low back pain has improved but still having issues with back muscle tightness/muscle fatigue. Exercise regularly, weights, walking, yoga. Advice?

Stretch. Before exercising. This is really important as it will help increase your strength as well as decrease injury. Get a loved one to give you a massage or get a professional one on a regular basis.
Everything Right. It sounds like you are doing everything right. Surgery is traumatic to the spine and muscular tissue. There can be irreparable damage as as result. Overall, it sounds like surgery was a success because you have an active lifestyle. I would recommend a short course of physical therapy so they can discuss your goals and deficits you have. You may be doing the wrong exercises. Discuss with doc.

Lower back pain. Also pain above my butt cheeks (pelvis either side) could tight muscles cause these? If so, which and how to fix?

Yes tight muscles. It is possible that tight muscles can cause low back pain. The best treatment is warm soaks or using a heating pad followed by stretching. Yoga is a good way to prevent this. Massage and physical therapy may also be helpful.

Lower back pain on spine, mid back muscle tightness, tingling in back of both legs from mid buttocks to knees about 50x/day. Xray normal. 8 months now?

Back pain. Plain film XRays are not enough to determine persistent Los back pain. You need and MRI. Talk with your doctor it sounds like a disc problem. But would need to know your full medical history.