I woke up with a sore throat, headache and fever. Strep throat is going around st school. I really do not have money to go to doctor. Is there anythin?

Consider Ur options. You mention school.You may still be in an age group where untreated strep can produce rheumatic fever a month or so down the road & make the rest ur life miserable.(& cost a bunch) est.1/200 untreated strep are at risk; ~1/3 sore throats strep, ~1/600 the risk you take by the numbers. There may be alternatives for seeking care than ur out of pocket, so look into it. Good luck.
More information. If you are college age, the best thing is salt gargles, but I use 1 tablespoon in 6 oz of warm water, to gargle and spit out. Antibiotics do help get rid of strep more quickly, but won't help you feel better sooner, and most sore throats are viral, so no antibiotic will help. If you are in grade school, which i doubt, you should be seen, as the risk of complications from strep are greater.
Sorethroatonabudget. Most sore throats are viral in nature - meaning antibiotics won't help - strep throat is a bacterial infection that can be tested for and easily treated. Without going to a doctor your options are limited to warm tea, salt water gargles 1/4 teaspoon of salt in 4 oz of warm water - gargle and spit out. Throat lozenges may provide symptomatic relief as well.

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I have strep throat -like symptoms. Last month I had a huge white bump in my throat with sore throat and no fever. My doctor didn't strep test me but sent me home with penicillin VK. Two weeks ago it came back, so I went to urgent care and had a positive

Recurrent strep. infection occurs about 10% of the time, in spite of taking the antibiotic, and more often if one stops the medication after feeling better instead of completing the course. In the lab, strep is very sensitive to penicillin, but not all people absorb it well or may have other bacteria in their throat that make it less effective. Get another culture and other med. Possible other germ like mono. Read more...