Have chest pain 4 days. If I cough or move certain ways it hurts. Today II have back pain not sure if related. I don't have any upper resp signs.?

Chest pain/back pain. Pain in the chest with movement or coughing can sometimes be pleurisy -inflammation of the lining of the chest. Doesn't sound cardiac. You can try an antiinflammatory medication to see if it helps - if you develop a fever it could be the signs of an early pneumonia and chest pain associated with exertion is worrisome for cardiac issues and should be evaluated by a doctor.
Musculoskeletal... The fact that it hurts more with moving/coughing makes it sound like a musculoskeletal etiology. For example, a fractured rib, "pulled muscle", inflamed cartilage. For proper diagnosis and treatment, you need to be examined by your doctor. You will likely feel better when proper treatment is initiated.