What would cause the left side of my face to be constantly swollen. Its very noticeable and never goes away? I have a history of pvcs.

ENT evaluation. I doubt that pvc's are to blame for your swelling. I could be related to underlying sinus congestion. I would start with an ENT physician for an evaluation. The problem would be less likely due to your heart or blockages in the veins that drain your face as you would be having much more severe symptoms.
A few things. Patients often complain of what they feel is severe facial swelling, but it is rarely as bad as what the mirror tells you. Some have a little baseline asymmetry. Sinus problems (e.g. Mucocele) can expand bone over the maxillary sinus. Graves disease can cause both eyes, or sometimes only one, to bulge. Finally, growths of blood vessels or soft tissue (e.g. Salivary gland) can cause asymmetry.