What is breakthrough pain?

Acute pain. Breakthrough refers to episodes of acute worsening of pain symptoms in a person being treated for chronic pain. If it occurs infrequently then immediate releasr pain meds are used to relieve discomfort. If it is occuring frequently, then an attempt to adjust the dosage of long acting analgesic can be attempted. The goal is to limit breakthrough pain and keep the patient as comfortable as possible.
Several Causes. It could be from the patient attaining a higher level of activity and function and therefore requiring more medication. It could be the baseline or long-acting medication wearing off or it could be coming from a worsening of the underlying condition.

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What's breakthrough pain like? As bad as original?

No. Breakthorugh (btp) pain is pain that is above the baseline pain. Not all episodes of btp require attention. 50% have no cause - it just happens. Btp usually peaks in 3-5 min and lasts about 40-60min. Read more...