I am afraid when I tell my doctor I have a retracted and hard penis in flaccid state, he won't listen. I am super worried is there a cure for this?

Get evaluated. If you are concerned that there is an abnormality in or on your penis you should feel confident that your doctor will listen. Urologist are specialists in male genital disorders, and they will be able to help you sort out your problem.
Urologist. See a urologist, make sure the doctor answers all your questions.
Talk With Doctor. I am not sure what you are trying to describe, so I am not sure what cure there would be. I would need more information to determine the problem. However, a good doctor should listen and examine you to ease your concerns and develop a treatment plan, if needed.
I doubt you. Have a problem in the first place, but any good doctor should listen carefully to your concerns and do whatever exam and studies are indicated. If not, find another doctor. Don't be afraid of your doctor, it doesn't help your health.