Considering possible complications and treatment-difficulties, is a gastric ulcer more worrisome or a duodenal ulcer?

Yes. Duodenal ulcers have no risk of ever being cancerous. On the other hand there is a small, but real 2-5% risk of gastric ulcers being cancerous. Therefore, all gastric ulcers need verification that they have healed.
Gastric ulcer. Although the wall is thinner in the duodenum, meaning perforation is higher. Gastric ulcers could be cancerous, while duodenal ulcers are never cancerous.

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How is a duodenal ulcer different from stomach ulcer?

Location. One is in the small intestine and the other in the stomach. Duodenal ulcers are also more likely to be a consequence of hpylori. Read more...

What are the symptoms of duodenal ulcer vs. A stomach ulcer?

About the same. Regardless of size or location, if you really have an ulcer (found by x-ray or endoscopy) please seek doctor's advice. Even small ulcers can bleed (sometimes massively), perforate, obstruct stomach emptying. Sometimes, an ulcer can form in a cancer so to avoid this possibility it is important to make sure at least gastric ulcer actually heals. Relief of ulcer symptoms doesn't always mean healing. Read more...

What are the symptoms of a duodenal ulcer compared to a stomach ulcer?

Relieved by food. Burning epigastric pain 90 min-3 hours after meals relieved by food is probably the most distinguishing symptom of duodenal ulcer. Other symptoms, like weight loss, blood in stool can be seen. Apparently gastric ulcer is made worse by or unrelated to food. Read more...