Mom suffers schitzophernia, is her sudden break downs normal or should I be worried she is skipping meds. Is their a cure, meds gona cut her lif short?

Don't skip meds. She can't skip meds because paranoia can worsen and she will stop taking her meds altogether. She may need to be admitted to a psychiatric unit to adjust/start her medications. As far as life-span is concerned, she will likely have a shorter life and poorer quality-of-life off of her meds.
Schizophrenia. Unfortunately, in most cases, schizophrenia may be controlled but not cured. There are medications which are injectable and last up to one month. These treatments can help in the case of someone who is not good about staying on their medications. Non-compliance with medications is a serious and common problem for individuals with schizophrenia.
Good question. Sudden flare ups could b caused by skipping meds important to try to get symptoms controlled with meds quality of life should b the focus.
Schizophrenia. Scz is a chronic brain disease which affects one percent of the population. It is almost always chronic and medications can help, especially if the person stays on the medicine, which is often a major problem. There are long acting antipsychotic drugs which last up to one month.