My preemie, born 16 weeks early, she's now 23 mo has rsv. She's not eating much and drinking about 12 oz of fluids. Should I take her to the hospital?

Symptoms matter. The child with RSV in trouble when they abandon their regular activities to concentrate on getting more air. Play goes first, then taking time for solid foods, fluids are generally last to go as air hunger trumps thirst. Babies who are drinking well enough to wet diapers every 6 hrs are less likely to need hospital care, when fluid intalke drops, thier breathing is usually >60/min & they need hosp.
Call your doctor! I'd say that any concerns about your child should be referred immediately to your pediatrician, not posted online. We're aware that many people face the difficult situation of not being able to afford health insurance, so with concerns like this a call to a local pediatric clinic, or the emergency department staff can be very helpful.