My daughter tested level 6 for her lead what can I do ro lower it. She is now on bottled water.?

Hard to fix normal. I trained at a time when we had stopped putting lead in house paint but it was still in gas.The accepted lead level was <20 and we chelated cases over ~40 & occasionally saw 50's and above.With the removal from gas & surveylance of other sources, like ethnic medicines& painted pots we have seen further declines. The lowering to <10 (<7 some labs)is truely an accomplishment.Its hard to beat success.
Ideas. Her physician is being extra-careful, if this is the standard scale, usually no additional action's needed. If there's lead pipes in the house, bottled water's a good idea. The calcium in milk, and the iron in red meat, both are supposed to block the absorption of lead. If there may be old lead paint in the house, lots of damp-dusting, especially window edges.