Are psa tests for men over 75 necessary?

Here are some ... The controversy of routine PSA test has been around since its discovery (1970) but intensified drastically especially over the past 6 yrs. To get a glance at this dispute, please, at least, read the first 3 articles on In my practice, I wouldn't test PSA annually for men >75; but I would do it if they're still in "good" health + abnormal rectal exam +.
No. Not recommended in general but in special cases it might be reasonable.
PSA. That is a very debated question. I personally believe, as a urologist who treats prostate cancer, that it is irresponsible to ignore men above a certain age just because of there age. Men still get high grade, aggressive prostate cancer that causes a painful death. Just because many men with prostate cancer have low grade disease, doesn't mean we ignore everyone else. Get an annual psa test.