I had gallbladder surgery five days ago one of my slits is a little open and theres a redlike ring around it could it be infected should I be concern?

Maybe... Mike moore is right on target--no editorial needed. As he says, redness, pain, & discharge are all signs of infection. I would call your surgeon if any of those are present, or for that matter if you have questions in general regarding your surgery.
Follow up. It may not be a problem. What you are seeing could just be normal healing. However, you should contact the surgeon and report your findings. This is especially so if you have any fever or drainage from the wound, or if the redness is increasing.
Early wounds: red. 5 days from surgery you can expect the wound to be a little red, however, without an exam it is hard to know for sure. The best thing would be to see your doctor to be sure. Every doctor has a different wound care regimen. I personally like double antibiotic ointment with saline wet gauze which allows the skin cells to close quickly. Beware "neo"sporin- as the neomycin can cause redness.