Hot flashes + I only get my period 2x a year but they last for a month. I do put my body through lots of stress + I exercise almost everyday. Ideas?

Oligomenorrhia . Infrequent cycles result in thickened uterine lining accounting for heavy periods are if you have enough body weight if you are too thin that can decrease the frequency of your cycles. Stress can do the same . Some women can have increased prolactinl levelsthe negative effects of decreased cycles is low bone density during reproductive years donot smoke decrease alcohol intake .Oral contraceptives.
Anovulation. Your menses are irregular because you are not ovulating regularly. The part of your brain which controls the ovaries which produce the hormones that stimulate and regulate the lining of the uterus, is quite sensitive to any stress or change. In your case this might be your exercise routine. This will affect your hormones (hot flashes) and your bleeding pattern (few periods).