Is eating a lot of ground black and white pepper good or bad for your health?

Black Pepper. Black pepper contains vitamins c; k, iron, potassium ; fiber. It has been used to aid digestion (constipation, loose stools ; gas). It is useful to reduce congestion occurring w colds or the flu. It has antioxidant ; anti-inflammatory effects ; promotes bioavailability for other nutrients. It has been used for vitiligo tx. One study suggested that black pepper can lead to potassium decreases ;.
No One Knows. Pepper generally considered a benign healthy spice, but ?Dosing? Identifying benefits ; problems with any food or agent is complex, difficult ; varies person to person. Thus most foods grandfathered ; rarely tested long term; outside pharmaceutical agents with many people's well being ; potential future huge sales at stake dependant on testing in pre-fda approval trials. See the dshea act of 1994.