I live in LA and we were at a parade for Mardi gras and I got hit really hard in middle of head with huge pack of beads and I have a headache Concussion?

Maybe. The important thing is to make sure you are not having symptoms that could indicate bleeding inside the brain. If you have unusual sleepiness, nausea, trouble walking straight, or anything else that is abnormal for you, you should see your doctor at once. You might need further tests. In most cases, though, your headache will go away and you'll be fine. Maybe a quieter party next year!
Possible concussion. Anytime that you suffer a blow to the head, the impact can be transferred to your brain. This can result in a concussion. The most common symptom of concussion is a headache. The key is to rest and let the brain heal and to avoid reinjury until the concussion has healed. The majority of concussions will resolve within 7-10 days. If your symptoms progress or linger you should be evaluated.
Headache I am sure. Ouch. If you were not knocked "unconcious" odds are you do not have a concussion. Headache ? I can imagine. If it has been >72 hours and you are not developing more concerning neurological symptoms, then you are probably out of the woods.