What is the curse of fibroid?

Fibroid=pelvic pain. Fibroid tumors (uterus muscle tumors) are a common cause of pelvic pain. Location of fibroids also contribute to the many symptoms they cause. If a fibroid is near the cervix, dyspaurenia (painful sex) may occur. Fibroids near the lining of the uterus cause increased vaginal bleeding during periods and decreased fertility. A gynecologist can diagnose fibroids with ultrasound and treat accordingly.
Not a curse. Anyone can get a uterine fibroid, which is an overgrowth of muscle cells in the shape of a ball. Like moles on the skin, they come in different sizes/shapes; RARELY cancerous. You only need surgery if you have symptoms like pain/pressure/incontinence/bleeding/bloating. Size/location don't matter. Lupron (leuprolide) or embolization are ways to control w/out surgery. US follow up is very important.