Can colon tumors be seen on a lumbar spine mri?

Not really. It is windowed to focus on the lumbar spine so you don't really appropriately visualize the colon on the lumbar spine mri. This particular study is not a good study at all to evaluate the colon. To properly evaluate the colon, ask your doctor to inform you on what study is needed to properly visualize the colon.
Possibly. Though unlikely. Generally, a spinal MRI is focused on the spinal structures. However, it is possible. A bigger question would be why you think you have colon cancer.

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Patient is small entire cross section abdomen seen on lumbar spine mri. Fasting. Why is the colon intensely white in 2nd MRI when was gray in 1st?

T-1 VS T2 images. T-2 will show h2o & it appears white. It is in the way the mr looks @ things. That's a simple explanation. In aback the t-2 will show h2o content of disks & spinal fluid is white. It's all in the way the system was programmed. Do some googling and c what u find. It's complicated.

Can diverticulitis be seen on a lumbar spine MRI especially if the diverticulitis bulges into one of the back muscles?

Prob not. A lumbar MRI may not have the field of view to show the abdomen clearly. It is possible, but the radiologist needs to be looking for it, especially if it is subtle, as diverticuli usually are.
No. If you suspect you have diverticulitis, talk to your doctor he or she will have to order a different test.

If I have a big white viscera pouch bulging against one of the muscles adjacent my back muscles on a lumbar spine mri, is it diverticulitis?

Unknowable. Ask the radiology department for a report. Diverticula are small outpouchings on the colon and can be multiple. There are some other less common bowel diverticula. None of these are big white viscera.

If a doctor was trying to rule out focal dystonia, why would he order a lumbar spine MRI if I said no back or leg pain or numbness or tingling?

Being thorough. Dytonia is usually due to dysfunction of the basal ganglia of the brain. Rare cases can be associated with focal pathology in the spinal cord. Often MRI will show some strange finding that is not clinically relevant. However, it will rule out a serious malformation or defect.

Can lumbar spine Mri without dye detect ovarian cyst?

NO. If MRI is done for spine focus will be on spine, speak to your doctor, if you think you have ovarian cyst problem, must be seen by gyn doctor and tests are to be done appropriately for correct diagnosis.

If. 7 CM enhancing lesion in thecal sac near L4 is discovered on pelvic mri, would you have lumbar spine MRI first and then go to mayo, or would you wait and have lumbar spine MRI at mayo?

Mayo. Having trained at mayo, I can tell you that you can have your images reviewed by mayo radiologists and then determine appropriate followup imaging. To expedite care, however, you may obtain the MRI of spine at outside center and then take film and report to mayo appointment. Discuss with your docs and good luck!
Would probably wait. Some places are very particular about the equipment they use, and their radiologists and surgeons become really familiar and comfortable with the particular properties of their equipment. There might be good reasons to get the lumbar spine MRI now -- before going to the mayo clinic -- but i'll leave it to others to make that case.
U want by all means. Before rushing, get your local doctor investigate you, if intervention (surgery) is required you choose the location where you feel comfortable, remember nobody has magic wand. Good luck.
Ask them. Whether you go to mayo or another referral center (such problems are usually treated by neurosurgeons), each have there own preferences. Some like to review the study first, even before seeing you (so you could have the lumbar mri, with and without contrast in your community). Others like the study done at their site so they can specify the MRI sequences they desire.